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Nervana Stem Cell Centers opens in Sacramento

Nervana Stem Cell Centers Stem Cell Clinic Opens in Sacramento

Nervana Stem Cell Centers is excited about opening our Stem Cell Clinic in Sacramento. Our focus is on stem cell treatments to help you heal naturally.


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Amniotic and Adipose-Derived Stem Cells: How Treatment Works

Stem cells are cells the body that have the potential to grow into any number of more specialized cell types, such as muscle cells, bone cells, or cartilage cells.

Our practitioners inject stem cells locally into the area where you have pain or an injury, in hopes of promoting healing to your damaged tissue and restore function.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy can work when other treatments haven’t. Many of our patients have gone through multiple rounds of corticosteroid injections and oral pain medications and haven’t been able to fully regain function or find a permanent solution to their pain. If this describes you and you’re looking for a non-invasive option, our regenerative medicine approach may be for you.

Surprising Fact about FDA Approval

Check the FDA’s website for stem cell treatment for fat-derived and stem cell therapy, and you won’t find it on the list of recently approved medical treatments. There’s no reason for you to worry or to suspect they’re not safe or effective. You may be surprised to learn that many everyday medical treatments aren’t approved.

Take ACL repair surgery and rotator cuff surgery, for example. The reason they haven’t been approved is that they are procedures, and the FDA only approves medical devices – think about surgical scalpels and knee braces, for example – and drugs– think corticosteroids. Like surgery, stem cell therapy is a process, not a device or a drug. Even if everyone in the world agreed that stem cell therapy were 100 percent effective and 100 percent safe, the FDA would not be in a position to approve it. We do comply with current FDA guidelines on its use.

In addition, scientists and the FDA are finding more about the benefits of fat and amniotic stem cell therapy for orthopedic applications as well as for fighting diseases such as multiple sclerosis and ALS.

Find Out More Today

If you have questions about stem cell therapy, give Nervana Stem Cell Centers a call today or fill out our online form. Our practitioners can discuss your condition with you and suggest treatments based on your personal needs. Don’t let chronic pain and tissue damage from injuries take over your life. We focus on regenerative medicine to help you get better naturally.