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How Peyton Manning And Kobe Bryant Overcame Joint Pain

Peyton Manning warming up his arm

Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall

What do Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant have in common? You can probably answer this pretty easily. They’ve both led their respective teams to the championship multiple times. They’ve been MVPs of their leagues. They are both known and admired for their remarkable longevity. And they both retired this year.

They clearly have a lot in common, but there’s one thing you might not have thought about. They both got stem cell therapy to heal their injuries and let them continue to play. Neither wanted to end their careers, so they tried something new.

Meet Dr. Tushar Goradia, President of Nervana

Meet Dr. Tushar Goradia, president of Nervana in Sacramento, California. Dr. Goradia is an alumnus of Harvard Medical School and also did his residency at Johns Hopkins in Neurological Surgery. Dr. Tushar Goradia and the Nervana staff believe Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell therapy) is the wave of the future. Nervana offers an alternative option for patients who have not had success with traditional medical therapies. Schedule your appointment today....

Nervana Stem Cell Centers Neuropathy Testimonial Video

This video is a testimonial from Curtis Larson, a 93 year old patient suffering from neuropathy for over 10 years. It was very difficult for Curtis to walk, even with the use of a cane or walker. Mr. Larson started feeling improvement in both his feet within 24 hours of having stem cell therapy treatment at the Nervana Stem Cell Centers Sacramento office. 30 days after treatment, he is walking just fine without the use of a cane/walker! Arthritis has also been causing Curtis pain for well over a decade, and that discomfort is greatly improving as well....

The Difference Between Amniotic Vs. Fat Derived Stem Cells

What are Stem Cells?

Unlike specialized cells (muscle, brain, blood) that are designed to perform particular functions in the human body, stem cells are unspecialized cells that, following mitosis, have the ability to remain stem cells or develop into specialized (differentiated) cells under specific experimental and/or physiologic conditions. Stem cells existing in bone marrow, for example, continuously divide to replace damaged cells with new, healthy stem cells. However, stem cells found in the heart, pancreas and other organs are permanently differentiated stem cells and do not have the capability of dividing. [1]

NFL WR Marlon Moore Gets Stem Cell Therapy at Nervana Stem Cell Centers

NFL wide receiver, Marlon Moore, recently stopped by Nervana Stem Cell Centers in Sacramento, CA to receive stem cell therapy for his lower back and hamstrings. Moore has been an NFL player for over seven years. As a wide receiver who depends on his speed, Moore needs his body (especially his hamstrings and legs) to be in optimal shape. In this video, Marlon shared what his first time experience at Nervana Stem Cell Centers was like. We get to see the entire process Marlon takes to rejuvenate his body, including the actual stem cell treatment....